Take a deep breath and make that brave first step over the edge. Abseiling is a thrilling way to explore nature, supported by a rope as you walk your way down a vertical tower, cliff or rock face.

We prepare you for the adventure with the best practical and technical training available, and we’re committed to risk management and safety.

Your confidence will build with each step, as you feel secure with your training and equipment, and you start to feel the pride of what you’re achieving.



Pit yourself against the wall, do you have what it takes?

Rock climbing, be it indoors or out, top rope, lead or trad – it is fantastic way to develop teamwork and roping skills while having fun and physically challenging yourself.

We provide the training and equipment for you to learn the skills needed to reach new heights. 



Take a look at our calendar (under the about tab) and find a date and location that suits you.

If you’re keen to get involved, Scouts WA is well equipped. We have fantastic natural sites.

As you’d expect, there are strict requirements for instructors/Leaders in abseiling activities, and the insurance requirements are rigid too.


Abseiling with Scouts is all about fun and adventure, but there are even greater rewards as well.


Can achieve their Abseil Proficiency Badge.


After about 10 hours of abseiling you can achieve your Venturer Award Pursuits or Outdoors.

For Queens Scout level you can attend two weekends and also work through the workbooks for

the Level 1 abseiling qualification.


Can put their abseiling experience towards their Personal Growth or Physical Badges or

The Duke of Edinburgh award.

Also by helping out with the abseil team their service could go towards their Service badge.


Formal qualifications as an Abseiling Instructor are available, with Level 1 and Level 2 courses running throughout the year

allowing for people to apply for Abseiling skill sets from Certificate II, III or IV in Outdoor Recreation.


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